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, station wfor. dave, tell us what you know. >> reporter: all right, good morning, bob. all right the weather is starting to affect the mid-atlantic states and the outer banks of north carolina. we can see sandy's rain bands already spreading well inland. this is a massive storm so the weather is going downhill today for the entire east coast. now, this is the wind field forecast. this is for 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we'll have tropical storm-force winds overspreading almost all of the east coast of the united states, and the hurricane-force wind gusts will begin moving onshore during the day tomorrow, last through tomorrow night, and probably into tuesday morning as well. you can just see how massive this storm actually is going to be. and that's why we're so worriedly about the storm surge danger. if you're being asked to evacuate, you definitely need to. this is going to bring a tremendous amount of water near and just north of wherever the storm eventually makes landfall. and be-ause up the coast, we could see heavy rains parts of the area, a lot of maryland under a flood w
of libya had told us five days after the attack that's what it happened? >> this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined. >> schieffer: we'll talk to south carolina senator lindsey graham, who has been looking into the situation. and we'll talk to california congressman darrell issa whose committee is investigating. we'll also gret the take of congressman elijah cummings, senior democrat on the committee. then we'll talk about that, the with vice presidential debate, and the campaign with our political panel, david corn of "mother jones" magazine. katrina vanden heuvel of the can the nation. bay buchanan, pollster frank lutz and our own john dickerson. that's a lot but this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning. senator lindsey graham is one of the senior republicans on the armed services committee. and he has been looking into this attack. senator, welcome to the broadcast. i know you have been investigating this. have you reached an conclusions on why the ad
years. i think tomorrow is the last chance to tell us what he's going to do over the next four years. >> schieffer: it is interesting that tomorrow's debate comes 50 years to the day when john kennedy went on american television and announced that the soviet union had put nuclear-tipped missiles 90 miles from the coast of the florida in cuba. we also know that fidel castro, the dictator of cuba then, still the dictator, i guess in name, but still the dictator, is very near death we are told. i'm wondering, senator, what do you think will be the course of u.s. relations with cuba if castro does go? >> well, it won't be the direction the president has taken it over the last four years. they have these things called people-to-people trips to cuba which ostensibly is for americans to be able to travel to cuba. they're really tourism trips. people go over there for salsa dancing and cigar rolling lessons and all it is is a source of hard currency for the castro regime. you talk about fidel cast trow beak dead but i'll tell you what's near death in cuba is democracy. the cause of freedom i
to use four starters for 200 innings a piece, rested the bullpen all year. but with johnny quadoa' back injured, that throws it up in the air. i tend to think somehow the ghost of tony is going to end up getting back to the world series in st. louis because of mr. carpenter and mr. waynewright. >> schieffer: jean, you live in washington, so i guess we'll have to consider you might be a little presentlied on this, but what are you,ing? >> i know not to commit the error of the other 133 writers. you could not have written a scenario this delicious. i mean, the orioles' record is reversed. it's upside down from last year. it's emblematic of this entire season. it's an upside down season. the one guy i know who predicted something like this is my pal john thorn, the mlb historian. he picked the nats and yankees to meet in the world series. >> schieffer: let's talk about something tony lasorda brought up and that is stephen straussberg. i think it is indicative of baseball as we know it today and the baseball of yesterday. you know, when i was growing up, you played right through your injuri
weeks ago, here, too, indicated he thought iran and the u.s. had to talk, but only after the election. now, the iranians have a lot of calculation to make after that. and one of them is, of course, who gets elected. it would be hard to imagine that mr. romney, if he was just in his first year in office, would want to get into a lengthy negotiation before he had a chance to understand the nature of what's going on. you know, it would be sort of diplomatic malpractice if the u.s., israel, and iran headed toward war and hadn't talked to each other first. >> schieffer: joe, i want to get to you just about the dynamics of this race so far. it has been mostly about economic stuff, but now we're coming down to foreign policy in the last weeks of the campaign. how do you-- what do you think of this campaign right now? where do you see it going? >> well, these debates-- the distribution always fascinating. and the big thing that the debates decide for most people is who you want to have in your house for the next four years. the president is the most intimate office we have. and the obama camp
>> schieffer: joining us on my right, romney campaign adviser bay buchanan. bay, good to have you. republican pollster, frank lutz. plus cbs political director john dickerson, and over on the left, where they're very comfortable, david corn who write for "mother jones" the author of a new ebook called "47%," uncovering the romney video that rockedly the 2012 election. david, of course, is the one who broke that story. and also with us today, katrina vanden heuvel of "the nation" magazine. i want to talk about this libya thing and see what you all think is the political impact of that in a minute. but frank luntz is here, and you did some very interesting research on the vice presidential debate. bring us up to speed on what that was. >> we have done three sessions and they all concluded the same thing, that joe biden did well on the substance, but they were so angry with his style and want more that you split screen the two of them where they could see biden's interruptions and smiling and the laughing, it's funny i actually wrote down on my note, don't interrupt and don't smile.
, of course, is the former head ofure d.c. schools. former speaker newt gingrich is rejoining us. he does not have a new book out, but his wife calista, does have a new book out, a children's book that will be coming out tomorrow. bob woodward, an associate editor of the "washington post" is the author of "the price of politics" he's written more books than this entire table combined. well, maybe not when you put newt gingrich in there. and pulitzer prize-winning author hendrick smith who has a new book called, "who stole the american dream?" all you people are here to sell books. that's pretty clear. ( laughter ) no, i'm teasing. we're glad to have all of you. mark zandi, let's just talk about what is the state of the american economy right now with just five weeks before we get to this election? the job numbers came out this week on tuesday. we had some very good economic news. housing numbers were up. consumer confidence was up. reports of companies hiring for the holidays seem to be up. but then later in the week, the gross domestic product is down. do you think that american amere
's bush's fault. >> schieffer: the president's top vast gist, david axelrod, is with us this morning. we'll ask him about it. and we'll hear from conservative columnist john fund and michael gerson of the "washington post." analysis from our own norah o'donnell and john dickerson. then with the baseball post-accept under way and washington's team headed to the play-offs for the first time in 79 years, we'll talk baseball with the dodgers' legendary tony larussa, tony lasorda, manager of last year's world-champion st. louis cardinals. jane leavy, who literally wrote the book on mickey mantle. and peter gammons of the mlb network. it's batter up on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning, again. welcome to peacethe nation. david axelrod, of course, is a senior campaign strategist, the senior campaign strategist for president obama. thank you for coming this morning. and we're joined by "cbs this morning" cohost norah o'donnell, and political director john dickerson. i'm just going to st
these other things ruth talked about, we my not have a winner on wednesday. and the one thing all of us should hope for is the voters make this decision and it doesn't go to the lawyers and the judges. >> amen. >> that's the first time i've ever agreed with you. >> i'm with you, too, on that. i do think, obviously, the weather is the big "x" factor. and i agree with what you said and with what senator mccain said. this could be a presidential moment for barack obama. he could step back and show a transcendent level of leadership that goes beyond an individual event cancellation, especially and it hits-- i think people will be looking at him acting in a political way. does virginia get more attention than new york? does it go into ohio? you know, on the other hand, does the romney headquarters in boston lose power? they're very, very little things that actually could have a very, very big effect at this point. >> the president knows what the president's supposed to do in a hurricane, right. you don't just look out the plane window upon you try not to disrupt it, but you look as involvedded as p
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)